What the 12 houses signify ?

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First House (lagna Bhava) :

 Health, Physical stature , colour and shape, vitality, habit of thinking, natural disposition and tendencies,personality and struggle for life, dignity , prosperity, head and upper part of face .

Second House :

Money matters, fortune, bank balance, stocks and shares, ones power and resources, jewellery, ability to express his thoughts, vision, family members,  death of individual, money lent – money borrow.  Right eye , memory, face, tongue, teeth, nose, cheeks and chin.

Third House :

Mental inclination, memory, intellect, courage, firmness,  inclination to study,younger brother and siser, cousins, neighbour, short travel, writing, accounting, communication, media, change of residence, rumours, carrying tales. hands, shoulder, coller bone, arms, nervous system.roadside place, confusion of the mind, edible roots and froots.

Fourth House :

Mother, residence, domestic environment, vehicles, real – estate, crops, agriculture, leraning, herbs& caves. vedic and secreat text. chest, education, water, milk, false allegation, entrance in a house.

Fift House :

progany,  inclination, pleasure, artistic talents and gains, entertainment, sports, romance, cinema, music, shares, lottery, gambling, stock exchange.love affair, kidnap, rape, discremination between virtue and sin.chanting of mantras and spritual practice. stomach child, son.

Sixth House :

sickness, disease, dietary habits,enmity, servants, small cattle, pet animals, dress and hygiene, maternal uncle, , insanity, theft, child born.

Seventh House :

leagal bondage, mix up freely in society, marriage, husband / wife personality, break of journey, partnership, danger to longivity, sex relation,

Eighth  House :


Ninth  House :


Tenth  House :


Eleventh  House :


Twelfth House :


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